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We Love God and Want You to Do the Same!

As always, I bring you amazing news about the faith of our Sunday School friends.

On Saturday, April 20, nine of our Sunday School friends presented the sermon during St. Paul’s annual Easter Children’s service.  I wish you could see what I see.  They have real ideas about how to relate to God.  When we were practicing, they shared ideas to make the script come to life, so that the kids that are listening love God as much as they do.  We presented the following scenario.  Ericka was going to direct a play on the importance of Easter.  Eight kids asserted why he or she ought to have the lead.  In so doing they shared they are generally jealous, full of greed, hate, stressed out, full of pride, fearful and sad.  Ericka presented each with a box representing the emotion they didn’t realize was so prominent in their behavior.  Then, with the help of a bible passage related to each emotion, they changed their behavior around!  In so doing, the boxes formed the shape of a cross.  This is the goal of all of our presentations:  we make the Bible, Jesus’ actions, and the Holy Spirit applicable in our lives so that we love Jesus and understand the power of the cross in our daily lives.

To Team Sunday School, you have my sincerest gratitude for living out your faith.  We are all better for it, and I am blessed to be a Bark Dog with all of you!

Every day of the week:  Behold And Remember Kindness!  Do Only God!

Bev Grazioli

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