Sunday School…Where St. Paul’s Kids BARK DOG

You Influence Sunday School More Than You Know!

Have you considered how much each one of us influences our young people?  They are watching all of us.  Praise be to God!

One of our newest Sunday School friends, a four year old, drew pictures in church.  On one side of the paper, she drew the graphic and wrote the words that were projected onto the screen that was up there for quite a while because it was during the sermon. She added the big wooden cross.  On the other side, she drew an angel holding her Jesus doll.  There were also 2 crosses.  As she held it up to me, I looked at her father, and he replied, “She wanted you to have it.”

Oh, did my heart sing!  To see why my heart sang, see below:

If you can’t see them, look for them posted in frames in the Parish Hall.

You might say that I had nothing to do with that… but you did…

  • You work or worked with her in Sunday School. (Shout Out to Team SS!)
  • You were the clicker during a service she attended.
  • You are the Pastor.
  • You are her parent or older sister or younger sister.
  • You have been in church with this youngster, and she saw you walk past her to kneel at the communion rail.
  • You stood in front of her (possibly 2 aisles over) in your pew and sang or you were singing/playing an instrument on the altar.
  • You sat across the sanctuary from her, but she saw you kneel to pray.
  • You stopped to talk to her mom and/or her dad while one of them held her in their arms. Maybe you talked to her and commented on her hair, her smile, and/or her sweet face.
  • You leaned down to her eye level and spoke to her while her mom or dad held her hand walking into or out of church.
  • You support Christian Education at St. Paul’s! (Thank you for supporting the budget!)

This is not the first time that I have received a child’s artwork or card expressing a child’s love for God.  Each time I do, I am inspired all over again, and I have been fed by the Holy Spirit!  I hope you are fed this time, too.  Amen!

I am blessed to be a BARK DOG at Sunday School each week!

Bev Grazioli

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