Sunday School…Where St. Paul’s Kids BARK DOG

Last month, I asked if you were allowing your child 2 B IN!

Here is an example of our Sunday School friends who have been INvolved at the Sunday School Dog House.  Fifteen children participated IN Sunday School on November 18!  We circled up to talk about gratitude in our attitude.  Anthony said, “Pastor Elaine was his hero because she taught him about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.”  Other comments were:

  • “My hero is my grandmother because her spirit was truly remarkable among so many hard circumstances.”
  • “If I could travel back in time, I would go to Jesus’ time to hear Jesus in person.”
  • “I would invite George Washington to dinner.”

We also heard about favorite holiday traditions, favorite teachers, and places we hope to go on vacation.  We were blessed to demonstrate that we are unique and individual thinkers!  We also had our first annual Turkey Wobble! Imagine 15 turkey wobblers racing across the parish hall!

We continue to encourage all St. Paul’s children and their friends – Come B IN!

For those of you who witnessed our presentation during our December 14 service, we hope you were fed as much as we were.  We learned that it was an ultimate, best ever plan despite so many complications!  Praise be to God!

Team Sunday School wishes you and your family the best Christmas ever!  In Sunday School, we proudly share the Good News.  This Christmas, may you share the good news with someone outside of St. Paul’s.  May you do what we are encouraging our Sunday School friends to do.  Tell someone about Jesus.  Invite a friend or family member to come hear the amazing story of God choosing a 14-year-old with the most amazing heart to be the mom of his Son, and of an underrated, humble carpenter whose faith allowed God’s ultimate, best ever plan to work!  Demonstrate what Jesus was about.  Be of help to a family member, a friend, and someone less familiar.  Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

It’s never too late to JoIN Sunday School where we BARK DOG –
Behold and Remember Kindness – Do Only God!

Be IN this Christmas and all year long as much as your child is able!

A shout out to Team Sunday School!  You put the right bark in BARK DOG!  A blessed Christmas to you and your families!  Thank you for your kindness!

I am blessed to be a BARK DOG at Sunday School each week!

Bev Grazioli

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