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A Christmas So Great That It was Times Two!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In my last article, I shared that the kids had engaged in a rich conversation about what they wanted in the their presentation for the JazMat service.  There was a lot that I did not say, which I will now share.

I shared the scripts from the last two years as they were a continuing storyline.  As they sat on couches, I inquired, “Do you want to continue the thread, begin a new storyline, or something else?”  I was expecting that awkward silence, and I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I was actually taken by surprise!  Rob spoke first.  Then Sara.  Then Casey.  Wait!  I better write this down.  (The year before they were in groups and wrote on chart paper.)  I started writing, and I had to ask for clarification.  Someone mentioned Mary.  Then Ella said, “Lets sing…” and Kate joined in with her at the same time “Mary, Did you know?”  I kept writing.  I wrote diagonally, horizontally, and vertically in the margin.  They came up with the soccer family and goldfish and the bizarre gifts. They remembered they were Children of God and that sometimes they need to look and listen.  They remembered they are saint and sinner.

Then, time was up.  They just looked at me.  “Now what?” they asked.  I don’t remember who asked, “How do we get all that together into a script?”  Sara said, “Don’t worry!  Ms. Bev always says the Holy Spirit will inspire us because it lives in our hearts.”  We had a sending prayer, and our time was truly up.

If you were at the JazMat service, I hope you enjoyed their message.  It is an age-old message.  Jesus offers us the manger to care for and love each other – including those that we don’t know.  The kids wanted to put in their script that  it’s sometimes hard to remember that we forget to look for God.  They also wanted to say that there are all kinds of families at St. Paul’s, and they are all welcome at Sunday School and in church.  They are there, and they want more friends to get to know!

Sunday School is organic.  By learning we are Children of God and learning together, we get the idea that we are in this together.  When we were practicing, I especially enjoyed JJ coaching Andrew, who was participating in his first presentation.  Yes, JJ was offering a suggestion as if it was his part, but the Holy Spirit was there, too!

Sunday School is now from 10:15 – 11:15.  See you on January 5!

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