Pastor’s Pen April 2021

Dear Siblings in Christ:

Alleluia! Christ is risen!  Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!  The Great Fifty Days of rejoicing has come after one of the hardest winters any of us have seen.  Oh, the snow wasn’t that bad.  Yes, there was more snow than we had the previous couple of years, but it’s the Northeast and it was winter – we should expect snow.  The hard part of this past winter was the ongoing pandemic keeping many of us even more isolated.  By the time you read this the vernal equinox will have come, and if we’re fortunate we’ll be out on the lawn worshipping together.

We have passed the one-year mark of the pandemic.  Life is getting a bit better with more and more vaccinations completed, fewer infections in some places, and fewer deaths.  Yet we are reminded that the pandemic has not ended and the new variants have public health officials concerned.  We are reminded to keep wearing our masks and continue physical distancing.  Bishop Bartholomew and her staff are continuing to work from home at least through April, and I will be too.  I’m looking forward to being able to visit in homes again.

Published in last month’s newsletter was the Covid Reporting policy approved by the council in February.  Kay Jambor, RN, has agreed to serve as our Covid Reporting Liaison.  Should any staff member or volunteer that has been in the building with anyone else test positive for Covid you may contact Kay directly with the information.  She will keep your name confidential and contact people you were with so that they can get tested and watch for symptoms.  Once the individual(s) shows Kay a documented negative test they may return to the building – continuing to follow our safety protocols.  I have met with staff and key volunteers to review our policy so everyone understands what the council expects.

Now, let’s enter into the joy of the Great Fifty Days of rejoicing.  The dreadfulness of Good Friday has passed, the women are at the empty tomb, the weeping is over and the thrill of Jesus’ resurrection has come again.  Spring has come!  And Christ is risen indeed!

Your partner in the Gospel,

Pastor Elaine

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