Food Pantry Needs

Despite being one of the richest states in the nation, hunger is pervasive across New Jersey. Children, working parents, senior citizens, veterans and others all face hunger.  According to Feeding America’s Map of the Meal Gap, in 2016:

· One in 10 New Jersey residents were food insecure, meaning they did not have an adequate, consistent supply of food. That translates to more than 919,000 hungry people.

· It’s even worse for children — 13.5 percent of New Jersey children suffered from hunger, translating to more than 268,000 children.

About one-third of these residents earned too much to qualify for nutrition assistance.*

There’s an abundance of donations during the holidays, but they drop significantly in the summer. 

Many children depend on the school breakfast and lunch programs to have their meals for the day.  When school is out, they go without.

Others who depend on local food pantries find they don’t have much to give out. 

Please consider donating to the food collection this summer.  Our collection goes to several local food pantries.

Suggestions for this month: single serve, easy-open microwave meals and canned pastas, cereal, shelf-stable milk, 100% juice, canned fruits and vegetables.  As always, all items are welcome.

Paper, plastic and cloth bags are also needed.

Please place the items on the cart in the narthex.

Thank you!


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