sign out back 400wSaint Paul’s is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the New Jersey Synod.

Saint Paul’s is an old/young congregation.  We were founded in 1867, but we are still growing today. We offer Lutheran worship services, but we offer them four times every weekend; five times on Christmas Eve! We offer traditional Lutheran worship, but we also offer some cutting-edge styles of worship. We offer various forms of Christian education, but we offer them at non-traditional times and places. We engage in many of the ministries that other Lutheran congregations do, but we also look for new opportunities to serve and new ways to carry out those ministries. We are always praying and hoping that the Holy Spirit will guide new seekers our way, so that we may share the love of God, made known to us in Jesus Christ, with others.

Mission Statement

Rooted in God’s unconditional love, the congregation of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church commits mind, body, spirit and treasure to make all people disciples of Christ, to share God’s abundance and to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed.

Contact St Paul’s Lutheran Church

  • Reach us by Phone at (609) 267-0740.
  • Reach us by E-mail
  • Fax number: (609) 267-3798